Thunder Magic 73091

My first Arabian, Magic became mine on August 2, 1971, at five months of age. Bred by DIAMOND R ARABIANS of Allen, Texas, he was sired by their young Top Ten Park horse, THUNDER BOLT 31556 (SEAHORSE THUNDER x BINT FERSARA), and was the last foal of the grand "Aristocrat" broodmare, FADJURA 10976 (FADJUR x FER-NATTA). Sadly, FADJURA died when her colt was small, and Anita Rogers Kamperman, the wonderful, sweet lady who owned Diamond R, offered her little, orphaned colt to me ... but only AFTER he had learned to eat grain, when she was sure he was going to make it!

My first impression of Magic was that he had the softest, silkiest coat I had ever touched, and the biggest, most beautiful dark brown eyes I had ever seen. He was a handsome, dark mahogany bay colt with long, blue-black legs; a black mane & tail; & shiny black highlights in his dark red coat. He had a small star, a crooked little snip on his nose, a small spot on his lips, and white on both hind pasterns. Of course, he was really grey, so every time he shed my beautiful boy changed colors, until at last he was almost solid white, with red freckles, the color called "flea-bitten grey."

Magic stood "only" 14.3 1/2 hands high, but nobody ever told HIM that he wasn't the "biggest, baddest" horse who ever lived! He was bold and had the "look of eagles," with a high-stepping trot like his Park horse sire.

My parents had him gelded, because my mother was terrified of the very idea of her precious, only child riding a stallion ... but Magic was "all boy" & loved the ladies, all his life. He was my show horse, trail horse, riding teacher, and best friend for almost exactly 32 years ... which was NOT long enough!

Magic taught me so much, over those 32 years! He always tried to do whatever I asked, even when he didn't understand exactly what I wanted ... and, no matter what I did, Magic always loved me. He whinnied and ran to meet me, every time he saw me coming.

Magic never got tired, he never quit, and he was never mean. Magic was always game for "one more class" or one more mile of trail riding. Even if he didn't know where we were going, on unfamiliar trails where he had never been, Magic always wanted to be "up front" in any group. If I insisted on riding farther back, he would "bump" my hand and ask to go faster. I always thought he could have been a race horse or competitive endurance horse, because Magic was happiest when he was leading the way. Head up, eyes bright, neck arched, and tail high as a silver flag, Magic would prance along at the head of the line, with his whole being fairly shouting, "look at me!"

Magic was very smart, and had a mischievous personality. He could open almost any gate, even the gate to the stallion pen, which I had clipped shut with a chain and a snap. Magic played with the snap in his mouth, until he got it open, and shook his head gently until the chain came free; then he slid the bolt, shoved the gate, and let the stallion out. Of course, the stallion promptly chased Magic around the pasture, biting at him, until I saw them from the window & came out to separate them again. Life was never boring when Magic was around!

My beloved THUNDER MAGIC left this earth on August 1, 2003, but he will never leave my heart, which is where he will live, until I see him in heaven. He is buried here, on the northeast Texas farm where he lived for most of his life, beside his "best girlfriend" and long-time pasture mate, PRINCESS DIAMOND.

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